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Apr 12, 2018

Musical ASMR is when some certain sound triggers joy in your mind. Chella has a double cup, Daniel is space traveling, Leighton is the only voice of to podcast 101... Uh oh... Let's go. 

Playlist HERE

  • Good as Hell - Lizzo (intro)
  • Lucy - Still Woozy
  • Pockets Easy Life
  • Shiggy - Stephen Malkmus
  • (((Echo Chamber))) - MC Paul Barman
  • Cool - Soccer Mom
  • May your kindness remain - Courtney Marie Andrews
  • ...Bored - The Cautious Arc
  • Back Seat Driver (Spirit Guide) - Bear Hands
  • Bomb Thrown - CZARFACE & MF DOOM
  • Onda - Cassiano (outro)

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