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Feb 28, 2018

Three hearts beat as one. We fell in love with music again and not a moment too soon. Forget Tinder, we are here to match you with your new music lovers. We talk about Daniel's new insane obsession with Big Mike & Gianni La Bamba and German Pop, Leighton's tearful reunion with real hip-hop and Chella regaining her post-punk power. We also talk about Tinder dating, Chicago Hip Hop, Quaalude Rock and much more. 

Playlist Link Here

  • Living the Dream - Big Mike & Gianni La Bamba
  • Diamant - Yung Hurn
  • See Me - Rich Brian
  • LSD - Jamila Woods & Chance the Rapper
  • 4 Willem - Calebrorate
  • Meditate - Earthgang
  • Any Day - The Sea & Cake
  • Love Too Soon - Born Ruffians
  • Dust on the Trial - Shame
  • Cute Thing - Car Seat Headrest

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