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Jan 3, 2018

Swoll is the goal, size is the prize, it's gains-o-clock...Don't let the title of fool you, we are STRONG AF. The gang talks jock jams, Robert Frank 615, the dead and gone Denver Anti-Gym, our younger gym hating selves and workout playlists and our new gym idea. JUDGEMENTS.

Make yourself a Trenbolone sandwich and tune in!

The Playlist is found HERE

  • I found a new way - Twin Peaks
  • Adrenaline Nightshift - Japandroids
  • I Started A Fire - Jaguar Love
  • Work B*tch - Britney Spears
  • The Perfect Drug - Nine Inch Nails
  • Sissy That Walk - RuPaul
  • Play Your Part (Part 1 & 2) - Girl Talk
  • All Nite - Clams Casino
  • Space Mountain - Fuck Buttons

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