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Aug 5, 2017

Sus·pi·cious: That's what we are. Always. Here are some new songs we like but have apprehension about. 

Discover Weakly 11 Spotify Playlist

  • Supermodel - SZA
  • Bad at Love - Halsey
  • Across the Multiverse - Dent May
  • Savor.Wavs - Wu-Tang Clan Remix
  • Get Up - The Blow
  • When the World Was At War We Kept Dancing - Lana Del Ray
  • Slide - Calvin Harris
  • You and I - Margaret Glaspy
  • I Ain't Got Time - Tyler, The Creator

"Some people die, then they start to get old
But I don’t wanna die upon on the threshold
I got threshold apprehension" - Frank Black

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