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Ever hang out in the record shop talking junk & laughing about music with your friends? It's like that. Every week (mostly), Discover Weakly picks a topic then two musicians and a music nerd talk and crack wise about their playlist selections.

You can listen along to our playlists on Spotify HERE so you know what we are talking about.

Hosted by: @ChellaNegro • @Sixtwentysix & @SafeBoatingisNoAccident 

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Chella Negro (Rockstar) is a former record store manager turned leading lady for Denver Americana band, Chella & The Charm. Midwestern to the core, Chella has managed to keep her Wisconsin accent despite living in Denver for the past 17 years. She loves rainbows, Ryan Adams, her husband, and flooding Twitter with her nonsensical opinions. Chella believes firmly in the power of music to transform and that her Spotify playlists are better than yours.


Leighton Peterson (Rockstar) is a filmmaker, songwriter, frontman, and functionally proficient guitar player based in Denver. He's performed with his band, Safe Boating is No Accident for nearly ten years. Leighton likes pop songs and noise freakouts, hip-hop and sad-bastard indie. The one thing he loves more than having strong opinions about trivial things is his rescue mutt.

Daniel SixTwentySix (Producer) has been a fan of music since the purchase of four albums at a Beloit Wisconsin K-Mart that would form most of his musical tastes far into the future. He just wants to tell you about something he recently heard.

  1. Thompson Twins - Here's to Future Days 
  2. Beastie Boys - License to Ill 
  3. Kraftwerk - Computerworld 
  4. Weird Al - In 3D 

Past lives include: Record store clerk, talent agency accounting, Chicago House Music DJ 
He is currently a Media Designer in Colorado.