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Dec 25, 2019

Dropping on Christmas Eve it's the Discover Weakly year in review. The things we loved.

And this year, all new positive Leighton is blowing our minds.

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Dec 11, 2019

This week, the gang discusses songs they love by artists they hate and songs they hate by artists they love...well, at least Chella and Leighton do. Daniel completely misses this point this go 'round. We also debut a brand new segment, Curt's Corner, hosted by FOTP, Curtis Wallach.
This playlist is terrible and will...

Nov 28, 2019

Here it is! A new episode about November new releases just in time for Thanksgiving! We talk about the awful Grammies, new releases, getting old, and give you tips on how to talk to your family members at Thanksgiving dinner... 

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Oct 30, 2019

What's the best B-side of a record you've ever heard? We talk to our old friend, Hi-Dive's Curtis Wallach about our favorite albums with the best B-sides. It's not any more complicated than that folks. 


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Oct 16, 2019

The problem with critics in the media, new October music takes and much more.

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