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Apr 25, 2018

Dear Weaklings, it's been one year since we started this podcast. This is a playlist about friendship... until we start talking about The Beach Boys... then we fight.

Playlist Here

  • Can we Still Be Friends - Todd Rundgren (Intro song)
  • Friends - Adam & The Ants
  • Best Friend - Brandon Cruz
  • No New Friends - DJ Khaled
  • Deep...

Apr 12, 2018

Musical ASMR is when some certain sound triggers joy in your mind. Chella has a double cup, Daniel is space traveling, Leighton is the only voice of to podcast 101... Uh oh... Let's go. 

Playlist HERE

  • Good as Hell - Lizzo (intro)
  • Lucy - Still Woozy
  • Pockets Easy Life
  • Shiggy - Stephen Malkmus
  • (((Echo...

Mar 28, 2018

Ever wonder why a song exists or what the songwriter was thinking? We do all the time. Here are some songs like that. Things we discuss in this episode, lonely boys, pawn shop gun sales to suicidal people, MC Hammer's visible erection, Batdance, country songs about boobs that advocate against hip hop culture and...

Mar 14, 2018

It's new music in the month of March 2018. 

The playlist is here.

  • Good As Gold - Sarah Shook
  • Oops - Vince Staples
  • Master of War - The Avener Rework
  • Life is Magic Here is my Rabbit - Fraser Ross
  • Get the Fuck off My Dick - Vince Staples
  • Wide Awake - Parquet Courts
  • Mr. Tillman - Father John Misty
  • Me & Michael -...

Feb 28, 2018

Three hearts beat as one. We fell in love with music again and not a moment too soon. Forget Tinder, we are here to match you with your new music lovers. We talk about Daniel's new insane obsession with Big Mike & Gianni La Bamba and German Pop, Leighton's tearful reunion with real hip-hop and Chella regaining...